October – Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge Month


Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge Month

My final training is almost finished. Months of preparation and I could see the Kilimanjaro challenge is approaching.

28167975_1686953718032898_8874124519585485469_nBut before that… I had some work to do! I performed at several weddings, including beautiful weddings at 27972056_1686953721366231_4982603221725986821_nCarlton Towers and Cedar Court, Huddersfield.

I also performed at a beautiful wedding ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast at Talbot Hotel in Malton. What I really like about this venue, is that the marquee is set up permanently on the grounds and is designed to suit weddings perfectly. Beautiful wooden flooring 27459736_1672923446102592_2524057899554804298_n
and tall ceilings make it very appealing to the couples that regularly book their weddings there. And of course the food is also divine!

I also performed at a charity concert hold by 27459726_1672923482769255_5285125372735547171_n
Bruce Grant in Ponteland Social Club. It was really lovely, I was so surprised because it was full. I was joined on the stage by singer Pete Brown and m
fiancé James on his French Horn. We raised over £1,200 towards Cancer Research UK and my Kilimanjaro Challenge. Thank you to everyone who supported me with donations, mentally, people who helped me to get equipped, who trained with me and who gave me lots of mental support to be able to face the challenge!



 On 19th October I flew to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a group of strangers who also signed up for the challenge. Little did I know, all these people went because they had a goal, a personal reason, wanted to achieve, wanted to prove, or make a change to the world and have stories to tell one day to their children.

I did not take notice of most of the points in the itinerary. Yes, I am normally hyper organized, but for this trip I neglected most of the things I was supposed to do or read, apart from getting my gear ready and have some decent legs training and visa in my passport to Tanzania. I did not realize we would be sleeping in tents throughout the entire challenge – meaning it was really hardcore, especially the first night to lie on the ground, on an insulated mat and in my 4 seasons sleeping bag. I have never slept on the floor in my entire life. Sleeping on the ground in Africa was a different level all together! This was the most difficult thing I have done in my entire life, both physically straining and mentally challenging. I met lots of absolutely phenomenal people with whom I stayed in touch and also proved to myself that together we could do it! And by doing that I raised lots of funds and awareness for Cancer Research UK – posing with the logo on the summit! Something I have never thought I would do.

It may also sound very profound but by climbing this mountain, I got a chance, in peace, to rethink my entire life and welcome my future with my fiancé!

And when returning home… I could not have a bigger smile when, without informing me prior, James came to Heathrow, and stood there waiting for me when I came out of the gate!!! No words to describe how special I felt in that very moment <3


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