August – James proposed to me


James proposed to me! 

… and I said YES! 

This is the month that changed my future life.

Well, let’s start from the performances recap. At the beginning of the month I performed at a wedding ceremony and drinks reception in Jesmond Dene House, Newcastle.  The bride, after doing some research, wanted me so badly to perform at her wedding. It was a picturesque but very intimate wedding.



1People ask me what are the wedding trends nowadays? It all depends on the bride and groom. It is so difficult to say as there are many trends. There are so many venues to choose from and the number of guests invited really depends on the wedded couple’s choice. However, I normally perform at weddings with more than 80 guests

Another wedding was in Lincolnshire, the father of the bride chose me to perform at his daughter’s wedding! I performed at both the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast on both my classical and electric violins. Following this, I played at a wedding in Merseyside, where I also performed at the drinks reception and wedding breakfast – however, this time I was requested to use my electric violin only.

For some who read it, including myself, believe me this came as a total surprise…. I’m engaged!

Let’s start from the beginning, as there were some speculations on how we met.

To make it clear – NO we did not meet via any dating portal or an app!

It was a chain of coincidences and referrals that led to the initial meeting. Firstly, I was invited to perform at a 50th Birthday party, from this booking I was then recommended and booked to perform at another 50th birthday party. Following this booking, I was again recommended and booked for another 50th birthday party, held in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire where I performed and was introduced to James (he was working at the same party as a DJ) back in 2012.

However, after the meeting we only became friends. James travelled and worked abroad in USA, Hungary and Germany, whilst I was focusing on my violin career. We stayed in touch, in fact James met all my family and I met his mum on a couple of occasions and for years he was always repetitively saying in a kind of joking way that he would marry me after we turn 30!

In 2016, after my mum had an operation, she was banned from long distance flights, hence she was not able to go with me to New York, where I was about to run the New York Marathon for Cancer Research UK. I asked James if he would like to join me on this trip on a friendship basis, he agreed straight away and flew us there…in Business Class!

After the marathon we have consciously coupled and the rest of our romantic relationship is a mystery.

9 months later, despite me still being in my 20’s – and no, I was not pregnant (!) on 5 August 2017 James proposed to me with the most beautiful ‘princess cut’ diamond ring I have ever seen, in the most unexpected and ordinary scenario, with the most astonishing sunset, in one of my very favourite places in the UK, Northumberland. It all got very surreal! Next thing I knew, he simply moved into my newly renovated and built house! It is the start of the new beginning.

So who is my fiancé? We both studied at the University of Leeds, though he was more sensible and did a degree in Accounting and Finance. He later qualified as a Chartered Accountant and currently is finance director and executive team member for the UK division of a well-known German company. Every day he travels to work 140miles return! James runs a mobile disco and DJ hire business and is also a Royal Air Force band member, playing the French horn, hence our classical music connection.

Kate & James


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  1. Congratulations to you both and I wish you a very happy life together. You are a fantastic violinist, we spoke outside Costa in Wakefield many years ago. Keep up the great work and look after each other.
    Music does bring people together.

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