May: Searching for the Spirit of Spring


-Searching for the Spirit of Spring –

DSC04154May started with my performance at a 70th Birthday party at Rugby club in Widmerpool Yvonne invited me to perform for her friends and family when having a dinner party, celebrating her big day.
The lady was a magistrate throughout her life and I could hear lots of impressive stories from her career days.


I also performed at wedding ceremony followed by a drinks reception at beautiful Kirkstall Abey in Leeds! This is one of my very favorite places in Leeds and also local so less travelling for me :-) DSC04166

The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful and grand – the couple got married in the open air ruins of Kirkstall Abey – (ruins of …. ‘history’). This was a magnificent wedding – the one I will never forget.

I have also managed to sneak into the recording studio to record a couple of tunes – hopefully soon to be released. My house took all my attention so far, therefore all the creative projects are postponed for a ‘later date’.

With my producer, Will Jackson, we have recorded a completely new piece, that I was inspired to write after my visits to India. We have also recorded Romance for Violin – for which the video will be published soon. IMG_8306I enjoy my time in the recording studio, it is an entirely different vibe, I get focused and record in peace, without anyone disturbing! All phones and emails OFF!


What I have recently discovered is that my neighbor makes and sells beautiful colorful candles. I only found out because he heard me practice the violin in my house and mentioned him being creative too.
It is nice when I can share my music also with my closest family and friends. A good friend of mine, Dawn, had requested me to show her two little children the violin. They have only seen my performances and heard my music online or on CDs; they rarely have any time to do anything outside of their everyday routine due to extensive sport activities.
The children were very excited to be able to see my electric and classical violins and even managed to sing along to some tunes I played for them.

2017-05-28 14.24.54The last concert I gave in May, was an open-air performance for the opening of a new bandstand in Hornsea, East Yorkshire.
I performed in both half’s of the concert on my electric violin, show pieces from my ‘cruise ship show’ repertoire. 2017-05-28 13.54.03I was a guest artist at the event, there was a brass band preforming also on that day.
What a loud sound they can make – they definitely do not need any amplification or speakers to be carried for them :-)


The event was also featured in a local newspaper: