February: In Love On Valentine’s Day


– In Love on Valentine’s Day-


February was another whirlwind month in both my personal and professional life.

As you are aware, the refurbishment of my house has been a long ongoing project, but finally the carpets in my house were fitted. This meant that the bed could be taken out of storage and assembled; I finally could have a good night’s sleep, instead of sleeping on a mattress on the floor!

DSC03409I played at a number of events in February – I was requested to perform at Grosvenor Casino in Leeds, where I gave an Electric Violin performance at their launch event after the casino had undergone a major refurbished. If you have not visited the casino after the refurb, then it is well worth a visit.


IMG_7708I also performed at a wedding held at Thorpe Park Hotel, Leeds. The colour of my dress, navy blue, matched the decorations. I really enjoy performing at weddings in Thorpe Park Hotel, it is a lovely venue and also great as it is just minutes away from where I live.



IMG_7668-1My other notable performance in February was at BiBis Restaurant in Leeds for Valentines Day. I have performed at BiBis on Valentines Day now for many years. I performed loved songs on my classical violin, walking around the tables. My partner accompanied me for dinner in the restaurant afterwards.  Due to it being our first Valentine’s as a couple – believe me or not – I actually declined a Caribbean cruise offer for the same date… all in name of LOVE!


Apart from preforming, I have also done some training at Roundhay Park in Leeds; running around the lake, making sure my legs are in good shape. IMG_7630
I have also been training and fundraising in Norfolk. Running alongside the beach, on top of the cliffs in Sherringham Park was absolutely stunning. All this training is for the Barcelona Marathon 2017, with the aim to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research.




My name day gift – Skeleton – was finally assembled in February. Finally, because my house, until then was still under the major renovation. It can get lonely leaving alone in a house, the skeleton was given a name BOB and he became my new housemate. A Name day, accordingly to catholic church tradition, is a way of celebrating a Saint’s birthday. My name day is on 25th November, when st Catherine was born.

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