January: NEW Year NEW Challenges NEW Resolutions

January 2017!

 “Hello From The Other Side!”—Adele

So far with these blogs I’ve spent a lot of time talking about my adventures and accomplishments. Now I’d like to reflect upon “another side” and reveal what it’s like behind what may seem like a glamourous lifestyle as an international musician.

I’ve often received advice from those who know me well: they say I should slow down and stop working so hard.

After some soul searching, I’ve finally realized and can admit that these people who care about me are, in fact, quite right– I must embrace every moment, as I’ll never get these times back. Although I certainly enjoy performing (especially bringing joy to an audience), I need to stop going overboard into such a frantic whirl of performances, and, more so, all that goes with them (travelling and working on preparations in my office)…which can lead to me ignoring the outside world and missing important things that are happening around me.

Therefore…this year I vow to take some time off work—to do the “normal”/natural things I should be doing—sleeping more, eating better, do (even) more exercise and travel LESS (on business). You may think it’s great to travel – in some ways – it is. But not when you spend almost an entire year abroad, like I did for the past two years on 4 different continents in X number of countries I never thought I would visit in my life—it’s exhausting!—and I don’t always have time to explore these new places, which can be frustrating.

I mean, 2016 was a VERY busy performing year!

  • I traveled 67,000 miles / 107,826.05 kilometers outside of the UK.
  • Additionally, I traveled over 40,000 miles / 64,000 kilometers within the UK on my car to various performances. Despite such high numbers I did NOT have a single accident! (I must be good driver!)
  • I also travelled on foot!—running two marathons – London 2016 & New York 2016, and managed to fundraise 10,785.55 GBP for Cancer Research.

Here are some of the places I visited:

  • POLAND (twice)
  • NORWAY (twice)
  • RUSSIA – St. Petersburg
  • USA – New York

Blog Collage

These places where I’ve performed are truly stunning and unforgettable. Part of me is always very grateful that my work takes me all over the world.

However, in my job it’s very difficult, for example, to have relationship due to constant travelling or being jet-lagged after travelling. This year I decided to focus on my boyfriend and make the most of living in my beautiful, freshly renovated house and just simply enjoy sunrises and sunsets from my own bed instead of a hotel’s bed or a bed at my cruise cabin.

In 2017 I am still planning on fundraising for Cancer Research UK, running the Barcelona Marathon (on my birthday) and climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in October. I will also be re-releasing my second album in November :-)

I know…sounds busy already…but I also have some more “relaxing” goals—like finishing my garden and enjoying the blooms! Relax, relax, relax—I must remind myself!

Really, the plan is working so far: in January, I already worked less. I did perform at a wedding ceremony at St John the Baptist Church (all the best for Samantha and Robert) and at York Marriott—but that’s all!

Instead of packing in the performances, I actually enjoyed watching other musicians; i.e. I went to Sheffield Ball Room & City Hall to see an Australian fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuell at his tour ‘It’s Never Too Late’ –a very poignant sentiment, which I’ve taken to heart.

So starting in 2017, say “hello” to the new me. I will adjust my focus—beyond performing and travelling—to “the other side” of life!

4 thoughts on “January: NEW Year NEW Challenges NEW Resolutions”

  1. “”””””I know…sounds busy already…but I also have some more “relaxing” goals—like finishing my garden and enjoying the blooms! Relax, relax, relax—I must remind myself!”””””””

    If you don’t remind that, i will talk with you again. hummm 3times relax, i’m not convinced…yet 😉

    i Love your work…
    You have a gift, you are talented, BE confident. again:BE confident.
    Wishing you my best regards

    but, as i am built in fire and please erase this part from “comment”: i would dismiss the cameraman for not having synchronized the video “night flight”- he could be much more creative(and i’m not saying the rest)- and the video from that music…movie with Harrison Ford… where he tapes you sitting, just like that. And then you start to play, with all that inner strength you have when playing.

  2. If playing the violin is what you love to do, how can that be ‘working’? Busy, yes but ‘working’ implies an imposition and you’d rather be doing something else. Isaac Asimov wrote over 500 articles and books but denied ever working – just having the time of his life. G.K. Chesterton said the same when he was accused of being a workaholic.

  3. Hi Kate

    Well I have listened to two of your cds. I have to say they are amazing to listen to very poignant and thought I have to listen to more of your albums. I was with my sister and have just found your details on the CD leaflet phew so so pleased i can listen to more of your beautiful and poignant album and are truly impressed with your blog so many lovely countries and place you have visited Wow I love classical music i listen to yours all time it makes me feel calm . thank you. Susan

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