Festive December ★

 Party, Party, Party—and parking! 

It’s not hard to guess why December is one of my favourite months…Christmas, of course! Since I was little girl I always adored all the Christmas preparations and spending time with my family.

But first, “Tis the season to be”… performing at corporate Christmas parties!

15590899_1269139336481007_2442844455345030341_oMy initial “jolly do” was for Hiscox Insurance. What a fabulous new modern glass building they are based in! It’s in the centre of York, which is lovely—except if you’re trying to park a car! (Thanks goodness I had my boyfriend with me, who managed to sort out all logistics and get my ‘black arrow’ parked somewhere secure!)

I also performed at the Christmas party  Aspire Leeds , for an accounting firm. Another central location—this time in the middle of Leeds, but I’m more used to this one, since I’ve performed there quite regularly throughout the years for various corporate and private clients. It’s also an unforgettable venue (for a variety of reasons–I had my first car’s back door 15823312_1277568778971396_8211070669553364389_nsmashed due to my –at the time- poor car parking skills). But we all learn from mistakes…with so much practice in tricky places, my parking skills have become almost as strong as my violining (well, almost)!
This month also saw me rounding off the year with more wedding performances. One was really momentous – a military outdoor (yes, in December!) wedding ceremony, followed by indoor (which I was originally relieved to hear) wedding drinks reception at The Inn on the Lake in Cumbria. I’ve never performed at a Military wedding 16105612_1292450824149858_450513062860970582_nbefore, so this was actually a novelty for me. The military uniforms of the ushers were very distinguished, along with the groom’s friends, escorting the bride ensembled in
traditional dapper British suits. It was fittingly a very picturesque setting, overlooking lake and the mountains. And the weather was actually amazing too (we weren’t pining for cover inside!) No snow or rain – instead 17’C and sunshine – not bad for England, eh?

Of course, I’m always grateful to spend some time at “ho-ho-home” at Christmas. Although it wasn’t white (no snow this year), there was certainly all sorts of nice, traditional food; plenty of colourful decorations and a big tree gleaming with lights (none of which I have a hand in as, like always, I arrived home at the last minute!) And as usual, my mum ornaments everything in her patented “baroque” style—my brother and I always try to keep a straight face when complimenting her efforts—look at each other, and crack up like crazy! ???

But the important and amazing thing is that whole family was in attendance—and together we celebrated and laughed (a lot!). Although, they did insist that we watch the documentary about me, “Success does not know/have boundaries” (shot in Novemebr 2015 in Leeds by Polish TV crew from Discovery Channel). It was quite embarrassing watching myself on screen, surrounded by family and friends!

Even my cousin came to join us—he is a very talented composer and marimba player (check out http://www.lucid-duo.com to explore his exciting c6cc3ca19adb3e92555b9636711977de_1200x800musical duo with Bulgarian percussion player, Irena Malonova). It was fascinating to find out about their recent tour of Japan—a place I’ve always wanted to see.
What made our holiday celebration even more special was my Grandma’s birthday on Christmas Eve—she’s now 80! What a fabulous age! She’s doing so well and we are all very proud of her.

After all this joy at Christmas, I had two interesting interviews at a local Radio Koszalin, where presenters asked to reflect upon my career and music. The interview went well and will be translated and streamed on YouTube soon—so stay tuned!15672663_1274765525918388_2292666367073498801_n


15874714_1285966868131587_4397117401762129146_oAlways sad to bid farewell to Poland, but it was eventful returning to
the UK, for a performance at a New Year’s Eve wedding ceremony and drinks reception at the majestic Hazelwood Castle to welcome a new couple and say goodbye to 2016 (another amazing year!)



Still, working on New Year’s Eve? Well, yes – but I still had time tenjoy myself and greet 2017 in style. I spent New Year’s night
in BiBis Italianisimo – on Elvis night,2017
even – it was nice to be a
guest for a change—wi
th the all-time King of Rock!