November: Time For Changes

In the very beginning of the month I was still visiting Poland, Wroclaw where my brother and his wife live. I decided to visit unknown to me hairdresser … and after very time consuming visit I ended up with A FRINGE and half-length darker hair. I could not recognize myself in the mirror! That was a beginning of surprises this month brought!


After returning to the UK I had just less than 12 hours to ‘pack myself’ and set to New York To run TCS New York Marathon 2016! In NY I managed to have also some photos and video footage done for an upcoming video. Cutting a long US story short – I completed the marathon in 4h 44 minutes, Raised for Cancer Research UK £5185,52, Donald Trump won the president election (I witnessed this historical moment in New York…) and I came back bringing a boyfriend with me. It can only happen in America!


After returning I have performed a series of gigs. I played at famous Fenwick in Newcastle twice at their Christmas Shopping Event. I performed at weddings at Wentbridge House and Clumber Park. I have also performed at a Winter Wonderland – Round Table Charity Ball in Sussex.

And of course the icing on a cake – It was the final closing event of Bruce Grant’s  PONT Charity GROUP where I was invited to perform and attend the dinner. Earlier this year Bruce organised a charity concert for Cancer Research UK to raise funds towards my London Marathon target. Bruce turned 90 (!!!) on Boxing Day – 26th December – and just now decided to retire :

4What a fabulous and charismatic character he is!

And Finally. Something spectacular I have witnessed. Not only a great musicianship and concert. It was a spectacular show. I had a chance to attend L. Einaudi’s concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall during his tour ‘Elements’.

The whole experience was speechless; ‘Night’ is my new favorite piece of this modern classical fusion composer and artist! Such art’s simplicity with unbeatable charm and courtesy. Thank you for so amazing soul and mid experience. The concert gave me a lot to think also about my personal musical development and changes … that will be implemented into my style in 2017!