October: Majestic Ocean Views and Monumental Projects

My apologies for not posting anything earlier! I have to admit sometimes my personal life gets in the way of my work life and I have to cut corners—in this case, my blog! I promise in 2017 I will keep it up to date (relatively!) :-)

In the beginning of October I went on cruise to Canary Islands on a beautiful Saga Pearl II ship. It was my début on the ship and I am hoping to sale with them again soon. I do like the Canaries—mostly because of the fact I was very fortunate so far to have fantastic weather! My favourite is actually a little island called El Hierro, the smallest and farthest south and west of the Canaries. I did my marathon training there, 20km run. I’d certainly recommend early morning running (before it gets too hot!) whilst overlooking the Atlantic Ocean; it was one of my best experiences ever. The Atlantic has very deep blue/navy colour that captivates me. So much that after the workout I could not resist jumping into the ocean for a swim! :-)


Of course it wasn’t just about training and swimming in the Atlantic; I also performed two of my shows. The usual classical performance, right? Not quite, because this one was on Halloween. The band and I gave a dark, spooky performance, all decked out in black!

When I came back to England I had a rollercoaster at the building site (in case you don’t know, I’m project managing the building and renovation of my house – I’ve actually taken on this monumental task entirely on myself, nobody’s really assisted me apart from my closest family—who are living far away…). Although the project has been ultra-stressful, I am quite proud of achieving something different than pleasing people by playing the violin. (I hope to ultimately find some happiness myself, if this house ever gets finished!) I have to admit projects like this are a very good love therapy for singles :-) You have absolutely NO time to find a second half!

Apart from cruises and my house saga, I performed in one of my favourite places, Scotland, both in Stirling and also in Kirkcaldy, where I had a chance to train alongside the beach overlooking sunrises. I don’t have words to explain how much I love looking at big waters – one of the main benefits to performing on cruises!

Back on dry land I also performed at beautiful weddings at Allerton Castle, Nostell Priory, Hazelwood Castle, Owston Hall.

Finally…I visited my homeland – Poland! My brother, is now happily married to Agnes who is a barrister – I could not feel any safer having two lawyers in my family 😉 And they are expecting a first baby – a boy. It has been officially announced that he will be named after my dad – that absolutely crushed my mums heart when she heard it J The baby is a first descendant of our family’s crest J My brother decided to record his debut album when waiting for the arrival of the baby. Can you guess who joined him in the recording studio? Fingers crossed our first sibling record will be released before April 2017!